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A book is called good when the readers will engage emotionally. The reader will complete the book when they start to connect with something, e.g. fear, energy, feel sorry for, outrage, anticipation.

Books are like a movie. The movie that a reader can imagine in their mind. While reading a book, all the characters are playing their roles in the mind of the reader.

A good book is always written in 3 ways.

  1. Intellectually
  2. Imaginatively
  3. Emotionally

Intellectual thought helps the reader to pass the thought to the reader. Imagination helps to imagine the characters while reading, and Emotion is for sentiments. 

All these are thoughts that a writer puts while writing a book to make the writing more powerful. A good writer can’t ignore a single thought; everything has equal importance.

If you want to Create EBook Online and look for a genuine writer with excellent writing skills, you are landed in the correct place.

We are welcoming you to METAWRITERS.COM. We have a team of passionate writers who can write a hundred per cent original books at a nominal price.

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We provide all writing services such as e-book writing, paperback writing, and audio narration shortly.

We serve all types of book categories you want, like self-help, business and money, craft, hobbies and home, cookbooks, health and fitness, human, parenting, politics and social science, entertainment and many more. 

Currently, we cater only for e-books and paperback, but shortly we are coming with audio narration. So you can publish your first audiobook with our high-quality audio team.

If you are convinced and want to know more about us, I can bet you will love our core values.

1. 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Yes, you heard it right. You will refund all your money if you are not satisfied with our book within five days.

2. First Book free

We believe in long term relationship. So it is okay for us if you are not interested in reordering. Just give your ideas we will deliver you a 2000 word book in free of cost.

3. On-time Delivery

We are very particular about the deadline. We are bound to deliver within the given delivery date.

4. Quick Response

Just send a mail with all your queries we will get back to you within one business day.

5. Zero Plagiarism

We will provide you with a 100% plagiarism-free book with proof.

6. Feedback Loop

As a human being, we can’t be 100% perfect every time for everyone. Different people have different thinking and mindset. So we take feedback for every book from the client. If they need any changes within two days, we happily implement them. Deliver to the client.
So what are you thinking for now? Go and Create EBook Online with metawriters. We are awaiting your mail.

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