Want to self publish a book?

Self-publishing is a dream of many publishers, and to enter the world of publishing, you will need the best content, and to get the best content, you will need to create EBook online, sounds boring, right? 

Because you are not at all interested in writing but publishing, which is both different things, so if you also want to become a self-publishing author and want self-publishing ebooks, there is something that you might want to know. 

Self-publishing refers to written media like books and magazines that agree it is the ebook or the physical copy of that writing. 

Self-publishers include a wide variety of people who are inclined to publish the story of their lives to keep a legacy for their grandchildren. On the other hand, the motives are numerous because of self-publishing. They can help people build a career in writing, which not only satisfies their ambition but gets them money and reputation. 

Methods of self-publishing 

There are four ways for Self-publishing EBooks which are traditional publishing, cooperative publishing, vanity publishing, and self-publishing, so let us see what these are:

  1. Traditional publishing is when the books are brought to them by the agent who deals with the editors and publishers in the market and arranges a sale for the publisher that ultimately benefits the author. On top of all, you may or may not have control over the writings as well. 
  1. Cooperative publishing is when the publisher is already selling the books in the market and knows about the selling process, and he offers you a written contract because they are interested in the book offering them their existing line; this method is a bit different from normal publishing. 
  1. Vanity publishing is when you have to pay for your book to get published by a cooperative publisher. He will eventually be your partner in success; this works both ways either you pay the design and production or just pay a double price for the copies of that book. 
  1. Self-publishing is when you become a publisher of your writing and become responsible for all the functions that the publisher provides, you will be responsible for all the data, sales and so on; this might be quite a challenging task for unknown writers. 

Pros and cons of self-publishing


  • Your book will be published quickly without delays because it will hardly take a few days or weeks at most. 
  • You will have complete control over your writing, and you do not have to add on a name that has cooperated nothing in your book. 
  • When your books are traditionally published, the shelf life ultimately becomes limited, so self-publishing is the right option for longer shelf life. 


  • The responsibility of creating, updating, marketing, and expenses will be all yours single-handedly because you will require some social media blogs that can help you reach a wide range of people. 
  • Unlike a traditional publisher, you can not accept book returns, and bookstore owners are more likely to store books of famous authors; you will have to convince them to keep your book.

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